Active Life Coaching

Life’s an adventure…or at least it should be!

Not all of us start out living in a crash helmet and a pair of goggles. For some of us, our parents shelter us from the big, bad world. Others, forced to grow up quickly, grabbing life by the horns seems frivolous or irresponsible. Most commonly, I find it’s fear which holds us back from taking the leap into a more thrilling, fulfilling life.

Adventure doesn’t have to be scary or reckless. It might be as simple as leaving a draining job and pursuing a passion. Maybe moving to a foreign country and starting fresh intrigues you. It could be writing the great American novel in your very own office. It could be writing your online dating profile.

Simple or fanciful, adventure comes in all forms. I’m here to help you figure out where to start.

The most important step is the first and you’re not alone.

As an Active Life Coach, I will serve as your mentor, confidante, and someone to push you towards greatness.

Get Fussed. Get Mussed. Get Out There.


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